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Seal Of Approval @ Annandale Boat Hire. Under Sydney Harbour Bridge

We had our 2nd early morning meet up event Saturday On Sydney Harbour and the weather was spectacular. We had the pleasure of seeing a wild Seal in Sydney Harbour just under the bridge #Sydney #darlingharbour #sydneyhotel #meetup Next Meet Up is on Friday for a boat licence training meet up…/events/225113553/ see the seal photo onAnnandale Boat Hire. Fanpage Offer 3hrs From $49 Ph.0414260078 — at Sydney Charter Boat Hire Offer 3hrs From $49 Ph.0414260078.

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Forget About The Blue Mountains.

Forget About The Blue Mountains.

Just had some guest over from Japan who were going to go to the Blue Mountains for the day and decided to get out on the harbour. We pulled into the fish markets and went upstairs to one of the best kept secrets in Sydney Fish Market, Fisherman's Wharf Yum Cha. This is my favorite place to have yum cha as the seafood used is the freshest. You can go to the fish markets for years and still not know this behemoth was even there as the entrance is right amongst the hussell and bussell on the main mall and the restaurant is a full floor up stairs. The service is shocking, However it's  all part of the fun and theater just don't sit back be active when you order and dont be pushed into dishes you don't want and order with waiter twice and they will make it fresh. The seafood/ prawn dumpling are grouse and the Pearl River lager beer goes down well. The kids love the mango pudding with cream and won't share so be warned.

We didn't over do it Just a few shared dishes amongst the crew as I had a cunning plan,  So I pick up some fresh  SA Coffin Bay oysters  and Sydney Rocks Oysters to compare and some local ocean king prawns for my overseas visitors, some Fresh Sliced Sashimi with a sliced up fresh lemon. along with a cold  bottle of  Oyster Bay Savon Blanc from the bottle shop, who had some plastic wine glasses ready to go for a cruise around the harbour.

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