Do I need a Boat Licence?

No you do not require a boat licence for the & m Pontoon as it is under 7.5 m and under 10 kntts. You do need car licence or be over 18 with a formal of identification passport. We do a 30 minute $30 practical instruction prior to your booking time if you don't have an Australian boat licence. If you do have one we do the fee safety briefing. Can i get a boat licence 

Firstly  I can do the boat practical component for your boat licence for $149 and you do the 40 question test anytime at the rms. It take about 2 hrs. 


Regarding the weather if you call it off for any reason it’s 25%. I will call it off it the wind is predicted over 35 km. Regarding rain I do my best to send the boat out early or later to get the best weather. As generally it either a shower late afternoon or early morning it didn’t affect us. The days are still very hot and sea temperature is very warm for swimming. 

Do you have eft pos ?

No, We do have Paypal which is best to pay before the day as there are some account issues if you have old cards nd accounts that are not up today, Your best to pay the deposit and bring cash on the day as this is the fastest way to get on the water especially if you are sharing the costs as could take 30 mins of booking time. if we have to take 8 cards for one boat.

Do you have toilet on board?

Sorry there is no toilet on board as it is a small boat. We do have a restroom at the marina and have the toilets marked out on a map so you can just pull in to the docks with the facilities