Driving Training

Do I need a boat Licence?

No, Not for the pontoon as it is under 7.5 m and goes under 10 Knots in speed. just to let you know the main part of the harbour is limited to only 8 Knots.


Do you show us what to do?

Yes we do a safety briefing for all drivers and Deck hands. So please have 2 people arrive 15 min before booking time. if you have a boat licence.

If you don't have boat licence we will do a 30 min instruction before you booking time and once we are confident you can handle the boat you can go on your own.


Food and Drink

Can we bring our Own Food and Drink.

Yes you can bring what ever you like. Pls remember the drug and alcohol laws do apply on the water same as the Road.

If you need ice just let us know as we can have it delivered to the boat ready for your arrival.

Rest Rooms

Do You have a toilet on the Boat.

No there is no toilet on the boat.

What we have is a restroom at the marina you can use prior and after boarding. We also mark out on the map the best toilets to pull up at as you go around this much better way as it is a small boat. 

Map & Area

The Boat is only for smooth water operation only. It is limited to a area west of Bradley Head Mosman across to Point Piper back pas the bridge all the way to Gladesville bridge.

The pontoon boat can pull up on the beaches if you have at least 5 adults to push it out.