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Paddle Board Glebe Annandale, Rozelle

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) in Sydney Harbour.


Stand-Up Paddleboarding is an excellent way to be active, keep fit, and build core strength.  We offer two sizes of stand-up paddle boards for hire and a free safety briefing.

Paddleboarding is suitable for all fitness levels and is an awesome way
to enjoy Sydney Harbour.  Rozelle Bay is an ideal venue to learn as the waters are calm with little to no traffic with easy access ti the harbour shoreline. You must be over 14 yrs of age and have an adult buddy to paddle with and be able to swim 100m.


Paddle Board Rates:

Note :- All Paddle equipment is for a 2 hr min.


Standad Hire – $25 per hour min 2hrs
The hire includes a stand-up paddleboard Type 2 Life Jacket and a paddle.

A safety briefing is provided to you before you enter the water. 

Pls Watch this paddle board lesson from Rustic Fitness if you have not done it so you have an understanding of what to help save time to give you a better understanding:

Then come down and Hire the paddle board and discover the latest way to have fun and keep fit.
Because we only have a limited number of paddleboards, it is best to book ahead not to be disappointed.

Paddles are required to carry clean & return board or book the $15 for VIP service per board and we will take care of everything.

Where to Go what to do when paddling with Annandale Boat hire.

Top 5 best kept Sydney inner west secrete paddle destinations

For a quick fun paddle, I recommend staying in the smooth waters of Rozelle black wattle bay.

Here are the top 5 things to paddle to in Sydney Harbour.

1. Black Wattle Bay Cafe for an excellent coffee lunch, a funky ice cream & even a beer

2. The Sydney Fish Markets for some fish and chips and good paddle back to burn it off.

3. Kauri Foreshore Hotel. This Pub is the last of the old school Sydney dive pubs with a cheap pub grub and welcoming staff. Don't tell anyone as the last thing we need is a trendy bar you feel underdressed at or won't let you in your paddle gear. 

4. Cockatoo Island. Will take 4-5 hrs and has an excellent facilities and cafes bars. ( Kayaks only must be with an experience advanced paddlers)

5. Thelma and Louise's cafe at Neutral Bay, Great little beach to pull into and to have a cafe lunch and coffee. Need about 4-5 hrs for this as well as you will go under the bridge. ( Kayaks only must be with an experience advanced paddlers)


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Kayak on Sydney Harbour

Kayak on Sydney Harbour

Kayaks in Sydney Rates & Pricing

Kayaking on Rozelle Bay is one of the best places in Sydney to do paddle sports due to the smooth, protected waters of the bay.  So get up early and get the best water and paddle to a cafe for a drink, ice cream breakfast or lunch with a friend or the local hotel for a beer and a counter lunch.  Just use the booking widget and select your time and find the best price.

Sydney Tandem Kayaks

Sydney Tandem Kayaks

Opening hours

Are by appointment seven days as we meet you at the launching point with all the equipment, Weekdays 9am-2pm, and weekends, 8am-2pm. Please be on time as I meet you at the marina.  Yes, we can make same day booking if available txt on 0414260078 to make sure as booking widget wont accept same day booking.

Safety in canoes and kayaks

Paddle craft is small and sits low in the water, making it difficult for skippers of other vessels to see them in some situations. Take care when operating near other boats and when crossing channels. It is important to be clearly visible while in the water.

Suggested precautions to take:

  • Wear highly visible clothing
  • Paddle in tight formation
  • Stay close to shoreline
  • Keep to the starboard side of the channel
  • Paddle during daylight hours only 

Paddle Craft is lightweight and narrow, resulting in an inadequate stability. Take care when boarding paddle craft and placing any large or heavy items on board.

Be careful of sudden movement within the craft that may affect stability as security is largely dependent on the placement and movement of persons onboard.

Paddle craft is very portable and may be used in diverse areas - from busy harbours, through to remote inland waterways. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the particular hazards that may be present before embarking on a canoe or kayak trip (see Special areas).

If you intend to paddle in remote regions, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Carry a handheld, marine radio or mobile phone in case of emergency.

For more information about paddle craft safety, visit Paddle safe safe on the Maritime Management Centre website.

Paddle craft are small and sit low in the water, making it difficult for skippers of other vessels to see them in some situations. Take care when operating near other vessels and when crossing channels. It is important to be clearly visible while on the water.


  • Relatively stable.
  • Shallow V-hull.
  • Shock cord on front deck.
  • Deck lines.
  • 2 bulkheads.
  • Front 8 inch round rubber hatch cover.
  • Rear hard hatch has neoprene rubber under.
  • Butterfly bar rudder control.
  • Rudder fully retractable.
  • 20mm toggle front and rear toggle carry handles.





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Lifejackets are required to be worn when paddling at all times on all waters, other than when less than 100 metres from the nearest shore on enclosed and alpine waters. For full details of the lifejacket wearing requirements, refer to Lifejackets.

The operator of the canoe or kayak is responsible to ensure that everyone on board complies with lifejacket requirements.

Other safety equipment is not required, with the exception of a torch, between sunset and sunrise. Additional equipment is recommended for activities such as sea kayaking. See the Personal watercraft section.

Natureline Osprey Sea Kayak.

Designed for estuary and mild ocean touring.

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