Boat Hire Rental Policy

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Annandale Boat Hire  Licence HD-0717   ABN  43168840873

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  • You must be 18 yrs or over to Hire/Drive the vessel. (Please provide identification)
  • All instructions, NSW Maritime regulations & navigation limits must be obeyed.
  • Please keep the waterways clean – You must use the bin provided. Do not throw rubbish overboard.  
  • Please do not drive the vessel onto any rocky areas or ramps.
  • No towing of persons or boogie boards etc.
  • Late returns will be billed at 2 time the hire rate
  • Rescue call out will incur a fee of no less than $100.00 plus costs. 
  • Cancellations – A refund of half of the deposit will be given if 7 Days notice is given. Less than 7 Days full payment is required.
  • If the Owner/Operator deem the conditions unsatisfactory for boating on the day a full credit note for a future hire will be issued or a 1/2 Refund will be returned. This decision will be made on the morning of the hire and is the sole discretion of the operator.
  • The vessel is licensed for hire in the daylight hours only.
  • Don’t drink and drive!! – 0.05 Blood alcohol limit applies.
  • Please do not smoke on the boat! - Being in close proximity to fuel containers with a lit cigarette is dangerous.
  • A bond of $200 cash will be kept by ‘ABH’ operator. This will be returned if the vessel and its items are returned in a satisfactory condition, as deemed by the operator.  
  • The client agrees to pay the full insurance excess of $1000 in the event of any accident.
  • Only the drivers nominated prior will drive the vessel.  

  •  The hirer will arrive 10 minutes prior to the booking ready for the briefing. The client agrees to be charged $1 per minute for instructors waiting time should they arrives late or their crew delay the instruction briefing. So please be on time and prepared.

  • Children Under 12 must wear a lifejacket at all times. Must be warn at all times in a vessel under 4.8m

  • When in an open area of a vessel 4.8m to 8m that is underway

  • The following life jacket types apply: On enclosed waters: Type 1, 2 or 3)