NSW Boat Licence Practical Training Assessment.

7m Pontoon. Very Stable easy to operate Great for training.

7m Pontoon. Very Stable easy to operate Great for training.

Get Your Boat Licence Practical Training Done

Now for $199 per person.

ABH Practical boat licence Experience Training is the best value and fastest way to get your Nsw Boat licence Log book completed, So you can get your NSW Boat licence done quickly at your own convenience.

( Must be over 16.) 

Normally it will cost you well over $300 all up and a full day sitting in at a boring seminar to qualify to get your boat licence with an RTO

Not Anymore!  

Do it On-line with RMS,  Then do 2hrs Our Practical Experience with us On the Water on the Stable 7m Powered Pontoon Boat.

Now with the new 2016 Boat Licence regulations.

You can do it for half the cost and in half the time in three easy steps with the Annandale Boat Hire (ABH). Australian National General Boat License System. ( ANGBLS.) Copyright.© 2015


How to get your Boat Licence Practical Assessment Training done for  $199* & Save Half a Day. 

Step 1.

Book a time to do Our  ABH 2 Hr Practical Experience Training Session.

To comply with the practical boating experience requirements. Experience can be gained by completing a Boating Licence Practical Logbook. Initial General Boat & PWC applicants must undertake in order to apply for the test. 

You will be in the company of an experienced ABH qualified Licensed Skipper, a minimum of three trips in a powered vessel operating under power is the minimum requirement or until you complete all the Logbook requirements set out by RMS regulations and shown that you are competent in operating the vessel.

The vessel used to undertake practical experience must carry the prescribed safety equipment. Details of each trip must be recorded in the logbook and be verified by the licensed skipper with a boat that meets all the safety standards.

The boat must be fully compliant by law to cover all the requirements as specified. As we are only charging the cost of the boat hire, it easier to use one of Annandale Hire Boats (ABH) powered hire drive vessels provided as they are required to have all the safety equipment for recreational commercial use under the commercial recreational operation certificate. License No. HD0717

The applicant and the experienced Licensed skipper must also confirm that all elements relating to practical experience competencies, as listed in the logbook, have been covered. A free Logbook will be provided to all hire customers on the day.

Now all you have to do is Submit a Booking Request and let us know what time best suits you and if you want a private session or set weekend Group session.

Step 2. 

Once you have completed Step 1 & 2 and have your log book completed.

You are then qualified to do the certified 40 question NSW RMS knowledge test at any RMS office in NSW.

It's that easy.

We will send you out your you Free RMS handbook and practice quiz Links on booking your practical, So you can be well prepared of the rules prior to training commencement.

To help keep cost down, bring a friend and book in advance. Ask about our one on one sessions or friend discount.

Also, ask about our regular set weekly group booking times which are very cost effective when you request a quote on the contact fill in the request form below.

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Boat Licence.

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